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Car AC Service and Repair Schedule

Car AC Service is good practice for getting chilled air from the car's air vents.If the car AC remain untreated at specific intervals, it may be problematic for the car owner especially in extreme summer of northern india viz in Delhi, Punjab, Haryana and other states. So be careful for car ac service and repair before the onset of summer. We have some plans here for your's car AC service and repair.

We offer standard car AC service and comprehensive car AC service, start at Rs 2000 only.

Regular AC Service

2000 ONLY
Every 5000 Kms or 6 Months (Recommended)
  • AC Gas Top Up
  • Condenser Cleaning
  • AC Filter Cleaning
  • AC Inspection
  • AC Vent Cleaning

Comprehensive AC Service

3000 ONLY
• Every 10000 Kms or 1 Year (Recommended)
  • AC Gas Replacement
  • Compressor Oil Top Up
  • Condenser Cleaning
  • AC vent Cleaning
  • Dashboard Cleaning
  • Dashboard Removing Refitting
  • Cooling Coil Cleaning
  • AC Filter Cleaning
  • AC Leak Test